Children and Adolescents

Ava Hiding

Renate offers psychological assessment and counselling for the following:

• developmental delays
• attention problems
• giftedness/intellectual functioning
• emotional, behavioural or social difficulties at home and/or in school
• academic problems
• learning difficulties
• vocational and career guidance
• psychoeducational assessments

She has a comprehensive library of the most up to date assessment tools that that are commonly used in the English and German speaking regions for psychological evaluations.


Psychoeducational Assessments

Happy Rex

A psychoeducational evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a child or adolescent's cognitive abilities, academic skills and social-emotional functioning. This is carried out using scientifically founded and standardised methods. Each testing is tailored to meet the individual child's needs based on the information gained from the first consultation.

The purpose is to provide valuable information about a child's individual strengths and needs and to help parents understand how their child learns best. The report will provide recommendations for appropriate intervention or accommodations at school and/or home and highlight strategies to help the child develop their full potential and ultimately enhance academic success.

A typical assessment involves the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation with parents
2. Usually two assessment sessions with the child/adolescent (each approximately 2 hours)
3. Scoring and interpretation of all tests & questionnaires
4. Feedback session with parents
5. Comprehensive psychoeducational report
6. If necessary, referrals to relevant professionals

All information is treated confidentially and can only be released to a third party with formal written consent from the parents.